What are your Vaping Habits?

With the number of vapers continually on the rise, everyone has his own habit of vaping. Have you ever noticed that your vaping habits? What a fun thing, it also casts a bad impression and makes us all look like a bunch of idiots. Lol, Just wondering what your vaping habits are? Here are 3 vaping habits that maybe you have.

Vape pretty consistently

5 minutes two Puffs or more, The one who have the Ecig with him at all times. He may vape it pretty consistently. When he do not gonna have a puff, he must be sleep. Crazy one!

Use all kinds of Mod or Tank

Technical one — always keeps the track with market. They are ready for the novel ones, nobody likes that guy and how is feeling well with a lot of Ecigs.

Funny work

Haha, when you saw some interesting videos about amusable. That’s it, some of vapor guys are really awesome, then can make a mess of puff in different shapes. Astonish, well done! blowing massive, “look-at-me!” However If you want to blow clouds, do it outside (and away from others) or in the comfort of your own home.

So, what your vaping habits are? What is the special for yourself? Tell me and we can process more together.

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